Azure Function to Listen Blob Events

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Backup and Restore VM using Azure Portal

1.  Configure Recovery Services vaults 2.  Configure Backup Policy in your Recovery Services vaults 3. Configure…

Import VHD to Azure Portal via Gui and Powershell

If you have Powershell issue try this link. Open Powershell (As Admin) [Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol = [Net.SecurityProtocolType]::Tls12…

Mounting Azure File Shares to Linux machines

1.Login to Azure portal and your vm ssh azureuser@(public_ip_adress) 2. Install cifs-utils sudo apt-get install cifs-utils…

Creating a Network Security Group with Inbound Rules in Azure

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Lock Azure resources to prevent unexpected changes

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Deploy VM Using ARM Template in Azure

Step by step how to Deploying a VM Using an ARM Template in Azure  155 total views,…

Export/Import DRS affinity roles

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vCenter behind NAT – workaround

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Vmware esx cannot synchronize host

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Vmware Ports and Protocols

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Hot and Cold Migrations; Which Network is Used?

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VMware Cloud on AWS demonstration

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Repointing vCenter Server to another SSO Domain

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VMware Security Advisories in vSphere Health

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VMware Skyline Health for vSphere

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OwnCloud on AWS (VPC)

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ESXi Host Memory States – Ballooning

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How to add new user to OA via Esxi shell

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Manualy uninstalling HA agent on ESXi 6.0

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NSX CLI Cheat Sheet

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VCSA root account password expired

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NSX-T Networking Architecture in VMware Cloud on AWS

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NSX Edge Root User Password List from NSX Manager

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Check NTP status on numerous ESXi hosts

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Vcenter Log Files

Esx Cheat Sheet

Resetting LUNs


vSphere Performance Resolution Cheat Sheet

Rollback an ESXi after an update

Vmware Cloud on AWS

PowerCLI’s “Credential Store”


CLI to Troubleshoot ESXi Network

ESXTOP overview

Host Isolation or Partition?

HA failure logs

Deploy NSX Controlers

Integrate the NSX with VCSA 6.7