Configure ESXi Syslog location via Ansible

Configure ESXi Syslog location via Ansible

To create this  playbook I use ansible module called vmware_host_config_manager

Ansible documentation:


  1. Before start please install module.


2. Download playbook and secret file.

playbook >> ESXiSyslog

secret file >> secrets


3. ESXiSyslog looks like below and you need to use advance parameter to create scratch log location.

I add also some welcome massage by configure Annotations.WelcomeMessage parameter.

and host logging level by configure Config.HostAgent.log.level parameter.


4. Run playbook by ansible-playbook ansible/ESXiSyslog.yml


5. Lets check result.

 –   ” [NFS01]ESX-Logs”

   – Annotations.WelcomeMessage  “This system is for the use of authorized users only”


Config.HostAgent.log.level “warning”




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