Deploy NSX Controlers

As the name  suggest they are the Control Plane for NSX


Deployed in a cluster arrangement

  • Scale-out performance
  • High availability

Provides several VXLAN directory services

  • MAC table
  • ARP table
  • VTEP table


How to deploy NSX Controlers

  1.  Login to your Vcenter 6.7 and navigate to Networking and Security


2. Next click on Groups and Tags and add IP Pools


3.  I create the pool



4.  You should see something like  below

5. Create next pool for VTEP-pool

6. Now install the NSX Controler

Navigate to Installation and Upgrade/Management/Nsx Controler Nodes


7.  Start Deploy the Controller


8. Monitor the progress of Deploying


9. Wait till status will be completed





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