How to add Vmtools 12.1.0 to Lifecycle Manager

This article is  instruction how to add Vmtools 12.1.0 to Lifecycle Manager


In september Vmware inform about Vulnerability related to vmtools so many of you need make urgant update on you vm’s.

Vulnerability Information :
VMware Tools for Windows update addresses Local privilege escalation vulnerability (CVE-2022-31676)

VMSA-2022-0024 (


1. Open you vcenter server 7.0 and navigate to Lifecycle Manager


2.Check if your vmtools are there


3. Go to Beselines and create new


4. Type name “vmware tools 12.1”  select patch option



5. Select as below


6. Select patches “Vmware Tools 12.1.0 Async Release”  click NEXT and  Finish


7. Then you can go yo your host and Attach besline vmware tools 12.1



IMPORTANT:      If you will add and remediate this patch to your host this not need reboot of this host


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