Problem with installation Vmtools 10.3.5

I find same issue when I try to upgrade vmtools to version 10.3.5

  1. When I try install vmtools 10.3.5. the process fail and rollback


2. I research meny hours in  google to find the sollution but finnaly I open the case to Vmware support.  After fiev days we have feedback from vendor and finnally they help with find the workaround.

3. Run CMD as administrator

4. Navigate to path  C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop


5. Comman from Vmware support


VMware-tools-10.3.5-10430147-x86_64.exe /S /v"/qn REBOOT=R ADDLOCAL=Audio,BootCamp,Hgfs,FileIntrospection,NetworkIntrospection,Perfmon,TrayIcon,Drivers,MemCtl,Mouse,MouseUsb,PVSCSI,EFIFW,SVGA,VMCI,VMXNet3,VSS,Toolbox,Plugins,Unity REMOVE=CAF,Audio,BootCamp,Hgfs,FileIntrospection,NetworkIntrospection,Perfmon,Unity /l*v C:\temp\vmware1052_install.log"


6. After instalation the server will be rebooted  so make sure you inform the customer about the downtime:)




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