VCSA root account password expired

When we try to login via ssh to check this issue login fail , and also Immediate session timeout when logging into vCenter Server Appliance Web Console (VAMI) because the root account password expired

Logging in to the root account of VMware vCenter Server Appliance fails.
The root account of the vCenter Server Appliance 5.5 and 6.0 is locked.


  1. Reboot the vCenter Server appliance using the vSphere Client.
  2. When the GRUB bootloader appears, press the spacebar to disable autoboot.
  3. Type p to access the appliance boot options.
  4. Enter the GRUB password.


-If the vCenter Server appliance is deployed without editing the root password in the Virtual Appliance Management Interface (VAMI), the default GRUB password is vmware.
-If the vCenter Server appliance root password is reset using the VAMI, the GRUB password is the password last set in the VAMI for the root account.

5.  Use the arrow keys to highlight VMware vCenter Server Appliance and type “e” to edit the boot commands.

6. Scroll to the second line displaying the kernel boot parameters.


7. Type “e” to edit the boot command.


8. Append init=/bin/bash to the kernel boot options.

9. Press Enter. The GRUB menu reappears.
10. Type b to start the boot process. The system boots to a shell.
11. Reset the root password by running the passwd root command.

12. In vCenter Server Appliance you can establish your own password expiration days and warning email policies under the Admin tab of the Virtual Appliance Management Interface (VAMI).


13. et up email notification before password expired

Email addresses configured in the Admin tab in the VAMI (https://IP_address:5480 or https://VAMI_host_name:5480) receive email notifications each day for seven days prior to password expiration. The email settings, such as relay SMTP server, are configured through the vSphere Client in the vCenter Server mail settings.



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