VCSA Appliance Unable to Update – blank information details

VCSA Appliance Unable to Update – blank information details

I has to update vcenter to newest applince version but when I attach ISO I’m not able to update vcenter. All information related with Version, Appliance Name, Description are blank.


How to fix it?



  1. Backup your Appliance ( best option standard backup and also snapshot )
  2. SSH to you appliance and copy file conf file by command:    cp /etc/applmgmt/appliance/update.conf /etc/applmgmt/appliance/update.confold
  3. Then remove conf file by command:    rm /etc/applmgmt/appliance/update.conf
  4. Stop services by command:   service-control –stop –all
  5. Start services by command:  service-control –start –all    
  6. visit https://vcsa_ipaddress:5480  and login, attempt to update, it will fail
  7. edit conf file by command: vi /etc/applmgmt/appliance/update.conf    and paste information form this file >> update.conf
  8. stop services by command:   service-control –stop vpxd
  9. start services by command:   service-control –start vpxdvisit https://vcsa_ipaddress:5480 and login and attempt to update, all the screens showed up and populated okay and it pulled down the latest update from online
  10. After this operations you should see all vCsa iformation as below.





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