Ansible Playbooks inventory

Ansible Playbooks inventory





Windows Playbooks


Instal Adminstration Tools.
module: chocolatey.chocolatey.win_chocolatey.
Download playbook:  InstallSoftWindows


Creating Windows Event Log.
Download  playbook: WindowsLog



Vmware Playbooks

Enable VMkernel.Boot.hyperthreading option via Ansible playbook.
module: vmware_host_hyperthreading
Download  playbook:  HyperthredingEnabled


Copy file from VM without network.
module: vmware_guest_file_operation
Download playbook: FileOperationalInsideVm


Disable HA, DRS on Cluster and set up Maintenance.
module: community.vmware.vmware_cluster
Download playbook: ClusterConfVcenter


Folder structure on Vcenter 6.5 via Ansible.
module: community.vmware.vcenter_folder
Download playbook: VcenterFloderStructure


Configure ESXi network settings and add host to Vcenter cluster.
module: community.vmware.vmware_dns_config
Download playbook: ConigureNewEsxiHost


Get information from ESXi Host via Ansible.
module: community.vmware.vmware_host_facts
Download playbook: Host_Info


Creating Virtual Standard Switch via Ansible.
module: community.vmware.vmware_portgroup
Download playbook: VSScreator


Creating VDS vlan portgroup with all security policies via ansible.
module: community.vmware.vmware_dvs_portgroup
Download  playbook: VDScreator


Configure ESXi Syslog location via Ansible.
module: vmware_host_config_manager
Download  playbook:  ESXiSyslog




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