HA failure logs

Logs for Host Failure

What Does a Host Failure Looks Like


  1. You can find all information in log  /var/log/fdm.log


2.  HA will start checking the Heardbeat on Datastore


3.  HA will start restarting the Virtual Machinef but first will check the location by “Reading the Protection list”


4.  Next the list is send to HA menager to restart vm’s



PDL  Pernament Device Loss

  1. If the PDL fail you will find in /var/log/fdm.log logs related with inaccessible Datastore


2. Also same other warnings will be in vmkernel.log


3. As you can see the log shows detection of the storage failure “VmcpStorageFailureDetectedForVm


4. Next log shows the vm are terminated  (killing the impacted vm and restart on diferent Host)

5. Vms begining restarted


APD  All Paths Down


  1. If the APD fail you will find in /var/log/fdm.log logs “has inaccessibleReason ALLPathDown_Start”

2. In this log you can see the Compat list  this is Tracking  with Datastore is accissibility and with not )

3.  The vm’s will be terminated and restart



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