How to build Vcenter 6.5 folder structure via Ansible

How to build folder structure on Vcenter 6.5 via Ansible


To build folder structure in vCenter server I use module call community.vmware.vcenter_folder

Ansible documentation>>

You can use lots of parameters for this module.


Lets Test it.

1. Copy or create playbook.

download playbook >>  VcenterFloderStructure

2. Before run playbook install ansible-galaxy collection install community.vmware

3. Modify the var sections ( vcenter_server, vcenter_user, vcenter_pass and datacenter_name )


4. Run playbook by command ansible-playbook ansible/VcenterFloderStructure.yml

– Task for create Folder


-Task for create SubFolder


-Task for create Datastore Folder


5. You should see some task progressing.


6. Let’s check on  vCenter 6.5 server

  • folder structure


  • datastore folder






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