Setup Advance Esxi System Settings using Ansible

Setup Advance Esxi System Settings using Ansible

We will change below NFS Advance System Settings

before run playbook make sure you create secrets.yml

vcenter:  VcenterServerName
username: administrator@vsphere.local
password: P@ssw0rd

Example looks like below


Lets create and test playbook for changing Advance Settings.

Download YML script  vcenter_advance_storage_config

After creating playbook lets run and test.

run with command: ansible-playbook vcenter_advance_storage_config.yml


I login to my vcenter navigate to esxi101 or  esx102 go to  Configure/Advance System Settings/ search for “nfs”

Looks like all setting was changed using Ansible with Vmware is really simple and can save your time 🙂



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