How to Clear Admin password

How to Clear Admin password in windows server 


First you need to download the tool call cd140201 link

  1. Please add iso file to your CD drive


2.  Make sure you select option to run Bios on next restart

3. Restart the server

4. navigate to Boot options and change to CD-ROM Drive to firs one and Save and close

5. Restart server and let it run with the pogram  cd140201

6. Select 1 this is yout C drive

7. Select 1 – Password reset


8. Select 1 – Edit user data and password

9. Please type you Administrator RID in my case 01f4


10. Select 1 – Clear (blank) user password


11. Please check if you have info Password cleared!

12 then q and if you see message About to write files! Confirm yes

13. Please login to Admin account without password 🙂




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