iSCSI datastore on esx 6.7

How to add iSCSI datastore on esx 6.7

I use Windows iSCSI role to cerate new datastores to esxi and Vcenter server


  1. Add storage adaprer to esxi hosts and windows storage server

Network card on Windows Storage server


2. Install iSCSI server role


3. Add disks to windows server hosted on workstation



4. Created new iSCSI disk on Windows Server


5. Select new Disk


6.Type Name



7. Type Size

8.  Create iSCSI target


9.  Specify access servers via ip address


10. Press Create


11. Created succesfully


12. On esxi 6.7 add new standard switch


13. Add new Storage port group

14. Add Storage vmkernel NICs


15. Configure iSCSI on Storage

16. Add Datastore on Vcenter 6.7


17. Select VMFS

18. Type Datastore name

19. Select VMFS 6 or 5

20 press finish to confirm

21. As you can see the Datastore4 is already mount to esx1 and esx2



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