Lockdown Esxi 6.5 access via Ansible

Lockdown Esxi 6.5 access via Ansible

I created this playbook to simply close access to all esxi 6.5 host in my vcenter server.

Playbook will stop SSH, SHELL and also enabled lockdown mode on all esxi hosts.

Make sure you wile  create secrets.yml with credential to your vcenter before you will run this playbook.

vcenter:  VcenterServerName
username: administrator@vsphere.local
password: P@ssw0rd

Lets test IT !!!

Lockdown Script looks like below

LockdownEsx – download playbook

I run this playbook and Ansible make 3 changes on each (esx101 and esx102)

You can also check the tasks on vcenter


To verify I login to vcenter and navigate  /esx101/configure/Security Profile then you can check services SSH, Esxi Shell and Lockdown mode





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