Magic7 !!!

7 Log files

  1.   vmksummary.log  – Abrupt Host reboots
  2. boot.gz log     – Slow Boot Issues
  3. hostd & hostd-probe.log – ESX Not Responding
  4. vmware.log – Virtual Machine Issues
  5. vmkernel.log  – Storage Issues
  6. vobd.log – Network & Storage Issues
  7. fdm.log – High Availability (HA) Issues



7 ESX Commands

1.ESXCLI  – Monitoring or configuring ESXi infra settings

           esxcli network ip neighbor list – Displaing ARP for Neighbor
           esxcli vm process list

2. VSISH VMkernel Suys Info Shell

vsish get /bios
vsish get /hardwareinfo

vsish get /pNics /vmnic1
vsish get /portsets /vSwitch0

vsish get /scsifw/devices/
vsish get /scsifw/adapters/

3.VIM-CMDManaging ESXi server & Virtual Machine related configurations

vim-cmd /vmsvc/getallvms
vim-cmd vimsvc/task_list

4. VMKFSTOOLS – for management of VMFS volumes & virtual disk from command line

vmkstools -e Test_VM-000004.vmdk – Snapshot check Consistency check
vmkstools -x check Test_VM-000004.vmdk – Check or Repair the Virtual Disk

5. MEMSTATS Memory statistic

memstats -r vm-stats -s name:balloonTgt:ballooned:swapTgt:swapped:mamSize:mapped:active
memstats -r swap-stats -s name:isSwapping:swapped:swapIn:swapout -u mb

6. PKTCAP-UW – Packet capture analysis tool

pktcap-uw –trace –vmk vmk0 |less

7. ESXTOP – Link



7. Configuration File


1. /etc/vmware/esx.conf    -Holds information about Storage, Network and Hardware
2. /etc/vmware/hostd/vminventory.xml    -Virtual Machine Inventory list update on the ESXi
3. /etc/vmware/hostd/authorization.xml  -vCenter to ESXi host connection -authorization
4. /etc/vmware/vpxa/vpxa.cfg   -vCenter and ESXi connectivity
5. /etc/vmware/vmkiscsid/iscsid.conf    -iSCSI configuration file
6. /etc/vmware/fdm     -FDM config with Clusterconfig, Hostlist and VM metadata
7. /etc/vmware/license.cfg    -License configuration file for ESXi host



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