Manualy uninstalling HA agent on ESXi 6.0

This will cover a couple possible fixes if you encounter the error “vSphere HA agent cannot be correctly installed or configured” when trying to reconfigure a VMware ESXi host for HA.

1) Try uninstalling the vmware-fdm package via command line using these steps:
cp /opt/vmware/uninstallers/ /tmp
chmod +x /tmp/

2) Once the above process has completed, right-click the host in your vSphere client and select the option to reconfigure for HA. This will re-install the vmware-fdm package to the host. If this fails to complete successfully, check the /var/run/log/fdm-installer.log file for any notable errors. Incompatible VIBs should be removed using esxcli software vib remove, then try again.

3) Try disabling vSphere HA on the cluster and then re-enabling it. This is done by going to Edit Settings on your cluster in vSphere client.

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