Repointing vCenter Server to another SSO Domain

Planning, designing, and architecting a vSphere SSO Domain for vCenter Server can occasionally feel complex to many VMware Administrators. Whether building new, changing, or redesigning an SSO Domain, vSphere 6.7 has a great new feature to help lessen this complexity. SSO Domain Repointing was introduced to allow the repointing of a vCenter Server from one SSO Domain to another, something that was not possible in vSphere 6.0/6.5. The vCenter Server being repointed, moves from its current SSO domain and joins the other existing domain as another vCenter Server connected via Enhanced Linked Mode (ELM).

This powerful feature can not only help customers with mergers & acquisitions who may have a need to change the name of an SSO Domain but also joining two different SSO Domains into one common domain. If there is a need to repoint a vCenter Server from its current domain to a brand new SSO Domain, that is also possible.



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