NSX Edge Root User Password List from NSX Manager


Changing the NSX Edge Services Gateway (ESG) “admin” user is easy via the web client “Change CLI Credentials”.  The root password is unknown.

  1. SSH into the NSX Manager as the admin user.
  2. Enable mode by typing in : en
  3. Enter engineering mode by typing:  st eng
  4. The password is: IAmOnThePhoneWithTechSupport per KBA 2149630 Tested with 6.4.4 Build 11197766
  5. Run this command the list the edge root password: /home/secureall/secureall/sem/WEB-INF/classes/./GetSpockEdgePassword.sh
  6. You can also display the admin password: /home/secureall/secureall/sem/WEB-INF/classes/./GetCliUserEdgePassword.sh




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