Upgrade vCenter Appliance from 6.5U3 to 7.0

Upgrade vCenter Appliance from 6.5U3 to 7.0


I will show you step by step how to upgrade vcenter server 6.5U3  to version 7.0

I have my vCenter 6.5 in  Build number 16374022


Before start Upgrade GOOD to read !!!

  1. Check you vCenter version and compare with Upgrade Path link
  2. Download correct vCenter version. I will use vCenter Server  7.0 . link
  3. vSphere 7 Upgrade Best Practices link



Before any action I made snapshot and backup my appliance


STAGE 1 Deploy New Appliance


  1. Mount ISO file to you server and navigate to \vcsa-ui-installer\win32


4. Run installer as Administrator.


5. Select Upgrade.


6. Accept EULA.


7. Connect to source vCenter.


8. Type all passwords for connect to source appliance.


9. Type all information related with esxi or vCenter deployment target where new appliance will be hosted.


10. Set up new  name and password for appliance.


11. Select deployment Appliance size.

What?  Tiny is 1490gb !!!


12. I select the biggest one.


13.  Configure temporary network settings for new appliance.


Comment: Make sure you add to your DNS server entry (A and PTR record)  related with  your new appliance.


14.  Check all settings to complete stage 1.


15. Stage 1  in progress


16. Stage 1 finish time and run Stage 2


17.  Stage 2 copy data from source appliance to deployed vCenter Server


18.  Connect to source vCenter Server

19. Select upgrade data. I use the first option Configuration and Inventory only.


20. I uncheck box CEIP


21.  I made already snapshot and backup my appliance so check this box. Press Finish to start transfer data.


22. Confirm Shutdown Warning.


23. Copy data from source vCenter to target vCenter Server


24.  Set up target Server and start services


25. Import copied data to target vCenter Server


26.  Close last massage related with disables TLS 1.0 and 1.1. Please check KB if needed https://kb.vmware.com/kb/2147469


27. Stage 2 complete !!!

use link to login to new vCenter Server 7 🙂

28. Lets test it. As you can see only html5 is available 🙂


29. Looks fine new vCenter Server works. As you can see the old vCenter was shutdown so if you have any issues you can just power off the new one and start the old one.







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