“vmware_guest_file_operation” copy file from VM without network

“vmware_guest_file_operation” copy file from VM without network


To install it use: ansible-galaxy collection install community.vmware.

To use it in a playbook, specify: community.vmware.vmware_export_ovf.

I create playbook to create some folder on virtual machines.


Option 1 Create folder inside VM


download playbook >>  FileOperationalInsideVm


  1. Playbook looks like below. Lets test it.


2. I run playbook by command and looks like it working.

3. I login to windows server and check if folder was created.




Option 2 copy  file between  VM’s

Let test different option with copy files.

download playbook >> CopyFile


  1. I made small modification by adding copy line (source and destination).



2. I start  this playbook by run command ansible-playbook ansible/CopyFile.yml



3. I login to windows server and check if File.7z was copy. File was copy without any problems.





Option 3 copy  file from VM without network 

This sound interesting so I decided  to test is.

Module vmware_guest_file_operation has parameter fetch witch in theory should allow you to copy files from virtual server without network.


download playbook >> FetchCopy

  1.  I create ne folder “FetchTest” and create file FileFetch.7z


2. Untick network settings on  virtual machine windows225.


3. Playbook have new parameter call fetch.


4. I run playbook by command ansible-playbook ansible/FetchCopy.yml


5. I simply test by type ls command on my ansible server. This is interesting because sometimes you need to restore some file from server but you cannot run it with network.

I specially if you restore some database or domain controller :).





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