Project OwnCloud on AWS (VPC)

Stage 1  VPC

Set up your VPC for OwnCloud project


Create VPC

Subnets IP’s









First you need to create your VPC

1. Login to AWC console

2. Type VPC on search bar



3. Create VPC


4.  Create VPC make sure you add same tags for future purpose f.e “OwnCloud_VPC


5.  Use IPv4 CIDR block*


6. you should see below screen



Create Public Subnets




7.  Create 3 Subnets for 3 availability zones


8. Click on Subnets in your VPC


9. Click “Create subnet”


10. Create 3 subnets for 3 availability zones

Subnet A    tag “OwnCloud_Subnet_A

Subnet B     tag “OwnCloud_Subnet_B

Subnet C    tag “OwnCloud_Subnet_C”


11. Click create


12. reapete same steps and create subnet B and C

Subnet B     tag “OwnCloud_Subnet_B

Subnet C    tag “OwnCloud_Subnet_C”



13. When you finish you should see all you network



14. Make sure you set auto-assign to your network. Select your subnet and click Action and auto-assign. Change for all you network ( A, B and C )



Create IGW

15. Create you Internet Gateway IGW. Click “Create internet gateway



16. Use user friendly tag in this case Name tag “IGW_OwnCloud”  Click create


17. Make sure you attach your IGW to your VPC



18. Select your VPC and click Attach



19. Open your Route Table


20. Select your VPC



21. Select Routes and click edit routes


22. add your >> IGW_OwnCloud and save routes





Private Subnets



  1.  Go to Subnets >>Create Subnets


2.  Use uniqe tag such “Private_Owncloud_Subnet_A


3. Click Create and you should see your subnet list

3. Fallow same steps for B and C subnets



Subnet’s ip list




Configure  create “Route Tables”

5. Click “Create route table”

6. Use name tag “Private_Owncloud” >> Select your VPC >> click Create

7. Verify the new rout table on the list


8. Change subnets Assiosiations >>Edit subnets assiotiations


9. Select all “Private_Owncloud_Subnets_A,B,C” >> press SAVE


10. Check on Route Table list if you networks are change for “MAIN


Configure Security Group

11. Navigate to Security Groups >> Create security group



12. Security group name “Private_Owncloud” select your VPC and press create


13.  You should see you new security group “Private_Owncloud”  on the list


Create Inbound rules for  PUBLIC security group

Public_Owncloud            sg-04f71afd1d494eedb
Private_Owncloud          sg-077ded2da83ce1372 


14. Select Public_Owncloud  >> navigate to Inbound rule and create as below



Create Inbound rules for PRIVATE  security group

15. Select Private_Owncloud  >> navigate to Inbound rule and create as below

End of VPC part


Stage 2 EC2 instalation…..




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