Recovery vCSA from last backup using Ephemeral port group.

Recovery vCSA from last backup using Ephemeral port group

On my last post I show you how to create ephemeral port group for vCSA recovery.  link to article >> here

On this post I will make next step and I will recovery vcenter from last backup using ephemeral port group.



  1. Run full backup of your vCSA server


2. Before  I will shutdown my vCSA I will check and download correct version this needed for proper restore.

I have vcenter Build Number 17027909

3. Login to Download center and download correct ISO  biuld Build Number 17027909


4.  We have all ready. Now I will shutdown my vcenter server

Vcenter is down now.

As you can see Vcenter was use vCSA-Network port group. So you are not able to manage or modify VDS without vcenter.

I will try restore vCenter with Ephemeral portgroup.

5. Lets start restore process. I download VMware-VCSA-all-6.5.0-17027909.iso and mount ISO file to windows server.

Navigate to your drive F:\vcsa-ui-installer\win32\ and run installer


6. Select Restore option

7.  Stage 1: Deploy appliance


8. accept End user license agreement

9. Select backup


10. Check your build number. If this will not match you get some errors.



11. Select your ESXi target where appliance will be deployed.

12. Accept certificate Warning


13. Type new name. I just use vcenter100_restore and I set up same password as the old vcenter.


14. Select Deployment size.


15. Select datastore with a least 250gb free space



16. Check network settings. As you can see on network drop down no VDS are visible but you able to pick vCSA-Ephemeral-Recovery portgroup.


17. Check all Restore Details.

18. Deploy vCenter Server start process deployment.


19. Wait till Stage 1 complete.


20. Stage 2 exporting data to new appliance.

21. Check your backup details.


22. click finish. Notice some warning related with shutting down the old vCenter to avoid any network conflicts.



23. Restore in progress.



24. After 20-30min restore was completed.


25. Lets check link https://vcenter100.vmlab.local:443

As you can see my old vcenter100 is still down but my restored one vcenter100_restore is up and running correctly.



26. Lets check network attach to vcenter100_restore.

As you can see Ephemeral-Recovery is attach to vCenter virtual appliance.


27. IMPORTANT:  Remember ephemeral port group is only for recovery purpose it’s not recommended to run into production environment.

So after recovery you should migrate vCenter to production network.

You can do it also from DVS-vCSA-Network gui.

Select vCenter Server

Attach vCenter to vCSA-Network






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